So what are Corrugated boxes, how do they differ from conventional cardboard boxes and how can they help you with your packaging requirements. A standard cardboard box has no padding, however a corrugated box is made up of paperboard, containing rows of air columns.

The columns that make the paper stronger than average cardboard have ridges inside that creates flexibility, strength and padding.

These boxes are Environmentally Friendly (Eco-friendly) and because they are bio degradable and originally created from other recycled boxes.

Key points to Corrugated boxes are:-

Overall strength - Corrugated boxes are strong and far stronger than average cardboard boxes. They are ideal for packaging valuable, personal or fragile items that may need to be transported long distances.

Size - They come in a range of sizes, effectively making it possible for anything to be fitted inside them. Lightweight and can also be flattened down for transportation reasons.

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Biodegradable and Recyclable - They are good for the environment and are made from effectively a renewable source.

They are designed to be tough, with extra cushioning to protect products.

So for all your custom corrugated boxes requirements look no further than Johnson Packaging your local manufacturer.