Custom Boxes

So... you need a custom box for a specific project or product and you can't find the right size one! Have no fear because here at Johnson Packaging we have the solution for you. In short we can make a custom boxes, any style or size, just ask us!

First steps

The bottom line is, we will help you get the box you require, and on budget too. We are here to guide you through the process. Simply drop us a line or send us an email to start the ball rolling.
We will get our skates on and get cracking on your specific box requirements and in no time you will receive your quote. If you go ahead we will get the your custom boxes shipped promptly so you can get started.

Test run box...

We will provide you with a sample so you can feel, see, touch it and then decide on whether to go with us!


Obviously the more custom cardboard boxes you order, the better the unit cost will be. It won't be practical for us to make a few boxes, so bare this in mind. We do offer a wholesale solution.

Johnson Packaging are providers of custom boxes and packaging nationwide. Call us today.